FEBRUARY 8 - 9 | 2025

Vasaloppet USA:
Results & Awards

Celebrating the Triumphs and Achievements of the Vasaloppet USA


2024 - Race canceled due to warm weather
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2012 - Race canceled due to lack of snow

Awards & Medals

The first place male and female finishers in The Vasa Freestyle 48k and The Classic 42k classic races receive $1,000 or a trip to Sweden to ski in the Swedish Vasaloppet. Second place male and female finishers in The Vasa and The Classic receive $500, and the third place finisher of The Vasa and The Classic receive $250.

The top three overall men and top three overall women of The Vasa, The Classic, The Dala, The 21k Classic and The Bellringer are recognized.

Completion medals are awarded to all skiers by the Kranskullas. Medals are presented at the finish line for each ski race.

Dala Horse Trophies

Authentic, hand-painted Swedish Dala Horse trophies are awarded to the top three finishers in each age class as listed below.

The Double Loppet Award

This is an opportunity for you to both challenge yourself, and take advantage of two cross country ski festivals. Ski in any of the City of Lakes Loppet ski races, held on the first weekend in February each year, then ski in the Vasaloppet USA events, held on the second weekend of February, and earn your Double Loppet Award.

After you finish your race here in Mora, just go to the Vasaloppet office at the finish line and pick up your beautiful Double Loppet Award.

Discover the Excitement of Vasaloppet USA

Whether you are skiing in the races, joining us as a spectator, or helping out as a volunteer we have all the information you need to prepare for the Vasaloppet weekend!