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As a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization, Vasaloppet USA is committed to promoting a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle, fostering economic and social benefits through cross-country skiing, and providing opportunities for youth, families, and serious competitors. You can contribute to our mission in two meaningful ways: by supporting the Nordic Center or donating to the Tom Giese Skier Development Fund. Your generosity helps us create memorable experiences and nurture a love for outdoor activities in our community. Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of individuals of all ages and abilities through the joy of skiing and related activities.
Nordic center

The Nordic Center

The Vasaloppet Nordic Ski Center and its trail system are a labor of love, 100% managed by volunteers and financed through donations. This community facility offers open access to the public, allowing everyone to enjoy cross-country skiing throughout the ski season and participate in the race. Your tax-deductible donations play a crucial role in offsetting the costs and maintaining this beautiful skiing haven. Our volunteer snow farmers invest countless hours creating and spreading snow on the trails, an intensive and expensive operation. Meanwhile, our dedicated trail team works tirelessly to groom and maintain the trails during the ski season, and they continue their efforts during the summer, widening, trimming, mowing, and smoothing the trails. We deeply appreciate the unwavering commitment of our volunteers, whose hard work ensures that the Vasaloppet Nordic Center remains one of the best ski destinations in Minnesota. Your generous contributions help preserve this valuable resource for all to enjoy, both during the ski season and throughout the year.

The facility and trails are open to the public to enjoy at no charge. Your tax-deductible donations help offset the cost


Tom Giese Skier Development Fund

Honoring the late Tom Giese, ski coach, community leader, and father of seven-time Vasaloppet USA champion Chad Giese. The mission of the Tom Giese Skier Development Fund is to continue helping the development of youth skiers through a wide range of activities such as providing funding for equipment, training programs, camps and national competitions, and coaching.
Here is a letter from the Giese family explaining how the Tom Giese Skier Development Fund has been put to action in the youth skier community.

September, 2023.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all who contributed to the Tom Giese Skier Development Fund!  Your support got the fund off the ground, helped local skiers at all levels, and will make Tom’s “be a skier” spirit a lasting part of the community.

May was always one of Tom’s favorite times of the year.  He loved to look back on the successes from the past season, but even more important to him was looking ahead at the coming year and putting a plan together that would help the kids improve.  As we do our best to live up to this standard with the TGSDF, here is a summary of our first year and a glimpse of what’s to come.

  • More than $3000 donated in the ‘21/’22 season:

  • Fast Tracks Youth Ski League – sponsored a complete set of ski equipment (skis, boots, poles) for one of the kids (ongoing annual gift)

  • Mora High School Ski Team – provided 10 pair of classic skin skis

    • “This fleet of classic skis has been amazing for the kids and the coaches!” – Coach Peter Larson

  • Junior National Trip Donations:

    • Cooper Lennox – “I am very thankful that youth in our community will continue to be impacted by his compassion for the sport.”

    • Tayah Anderson – “I’m grateful for the support of many different people, but especially the Tom Giese family for their generosity.”


Please help us continue to support our mission.If you know of any young skiers in need of support, please contact the Vasaloppet USA office at or call 320-679-2629

Be a Skier,
The Giese Family