FEBRUARY 8 - 9 | 2025

Vasaloppet USA:

Meet the Incredible Sponsors Behind Vasaloppet USA!

Community of Mora

The heart of Vasaloppet USA beats with the unwavering support of over 500 dedicated volunteers, as well as the invaluable contributions from numerous local businesses and organizations. Their selfless efforts and generous donations of time, resources, and expertise play a pivotal role in making this spectacular event possible. Together, they form the backbone of our vibrant community, fostering a spirit of unity and camaraderie that fuels the excitement and success of Vasaloppet USA. 

Our Sponsors

The success of Vasaloppet USA is made possible by the incredible support of our esteemed sponsors. These dedicated partners play a vital role in fueling our mission to promote a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle through cross-country skiing and related activities. With their generous contributions, we are able to create a world-class event that brings together enthusiasts of all ages and abilities

Discover the Excitement of Vasaloppet USA

Whether you are skiing in the races, joining us as a spectator, or helping out as a volunteer we have all the information you need to prepare for the Vasaloppet weekend!