Saturday, May 4 | 2024

The Snake River Canoe Race

Join us for the 43rd annual canoe race on the Snake River in Mora, Minnesota.

The Snake River Canoe Race is an independent organizing group and is not a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

An Exhilarating Adventure on the Water!

We invite you to be a part of the 43rd running of the Snake River Canoe Race on May 4th. The race will kick off at 9:30 AM, starting from the Hinckley Road Bridge on County Road 3 East, just north of Mora. Get ready to paddle your way through the picturesque Snake River and embrace the thrill of this exciting canoe race. This event promises an amazing day of camaraderie and outdoor fun. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity – secure your spot now and get ready to embark on a memorable water adventure!

Race Information & Details

There is no race day registration. Pre-registration is available only online and can be accessed through your computer or mobile device. Pre-registration will be available starting in March 2024.
Canoe Rentals

Canoe Rentals Are Available During the Registration Process

Nine aluminum canoes are for rent. The price is $50.00, which includes paddles and life vests. The canoes can be picked up at the start area just before the race and simply left on shore at the finish line. You can rent a canoe as part of your online registration process. More questions? Call 320-333-8970 or email 

Pick-up of canoe numbers will be available only at the start area beginning at 7:30am on race day.

Mora Minnesota

Your Arrival in Mora

Parking, canoe transportation, post-race food and awards are held adjacent to the Kanabec County History Center at 805 Forest Ave W, Mora, 55051.

Transportation to the Start

Buses and canoe trailers will transport you and your canoe to the starting point. The first buses will leave at 7:00 am and the last buses as well as the last canoe trailer leaves at 8:30 am. Bus transportation is free.
If you drive to the starting area you must make your own arrangements to get your vehicle back to the finish area. Parking is limited at the start area.

The Start

The race start will be by race class and in waves.
When your race class is called please quickly get your canoe and yourselves on the river.

The Finish

Canoe and kayak volunteer handlers will help get canoes in and out of the river. Participants, however, are responsible for hauling their canoe from the shore to their vehicles.

Food & Beverages

Relax and socialize after the race. Food and beverages for purchase will be available near the finish line.


The top three overall canoes or kayaks of the race receive medals. Official timing ends at 2:00 pm due to the beginning of the award ceremony. The Snake Rive Canoe Race is a qualifying event for both the Mora Classic Series and the Mora Motion Series. 

Snake River Canoe Race Contact Information

Rita Sundberg - (612) 201-6681

Pat Gorham - (320) 267-3276

c/o Susan FranceWeber
939 Eldris Way
Mora, MN 55051

Snake River Water Levels

(Readings at Noon daily. Read about new monitoring station below)

April 01: 1.61 ft.—Low but watershed remains all frozen up
April 02: 
April 03: 1.59
April 04: 1.71— Cold, windy day
April 05: 1.76
April 06: 1.87
April 07: 1.90
April 08: 2.06
April 09: 2.41
April 10: 3.20— River levels starting to go up as snow melts
April 11: 5.37
April 12: 9.4
April 13: 12.61—Wow, this is very high water
April 14: 13.29
April 15: 13.27—Rain all day
April 16: 13.75—And now more snow. Very high water.
April 17: 13.3— Looks like the crest.
April 18: 12.15
April 19: 11.15

April 20: 10.68—Rain all day
April 21: 11.62
April 22: 11.41—This level remains “Very High Water”
April 23: 10.48
April 24: 9.45
April 25: 8.59
April 26: 7.86—This is a “Very Good” water level. See below
April 27: 7.24
April 28: 7.11
April 29: 7.08—Water level should be in very good to good range for race day!
April 30: 6.81
May 01: 6.39
May 02: 5.90
May 03: 5.41— “Very good to good” range
May 04: 4.99
May 05: 4.64—Very good water level for the race.
May 06 Race Day: 4.50

The water depth gauge on the County Road 6 bridge is no longer available due to vandalism. Whether this gauge will ever again be available is unknown. We will instead be using the monitoring station located on the Highway 65 bridge downstream from the canoe race finish line. We compared 2021, 2019 & 2018 April and race week data and concluded at very high water levels the Highway 65 station readings are about a foot higher than at the County Road 6 gauge. As water levels drop the readings at each gauge become closer together until they are nearly the same at low water levels. To help provide more context to the new water gauge, we will also indicate: “Very High Water” reflecting very fast flow due to flooding or heavy rain event and that caution be taken when on the river. “Very good to good” reflecting wonderful race conditions that range from no worries about hitting any rocks to the average race conditions requiring some reading of rapids. “Low water” reflects the race will be held, but advisable to leave your good racing canoes at home. The Highway 65 station recording water levels throughout each day. Hourly results can be viewed at: Note: Be sure date range is correct and set to Raw Levels (and not the default discharge rate.) To view rsults in a data table click on Download Data.

Previous Snake River Canoe Race Moments

Ready To Take Your Racing Experience to New Heights?

This event qualifies for both the Mora Classic Series and the Mora Motion Series. Learn more about the Mora Classic/Motion Series, a thrilling collection of races that promises an incredible journey through Mora's picturesque landscapes. Get all the details and sign up today!
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