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Vasaloppet USA's Ski For Life Pass

Vasaloppet USA Ski For Life Pass

Want to help support the mission of Vasaloppet USA while helping yourself to free registration for all future Vasaloppet USA weekend ski events? Purchase a Vasaloppet USA Ski For Life Pass (SFLP) for yourself or your favorite skier!
  • Benefits
    • Fee-waived registration for all future Vasaloppet USA race weekend ski events (2nd weekend in February)
    • Supports the mission and future of Vasaloppet USA
  • Cost - $1,500 one-time fee
  • How it works
    • Pay for your Ski For Life Pass
      • Online here 
      • Mail a check made out to Vasaloppet USA to:
        • Vasaloppet USA - Ski For Life, 100 Union Street, Mora, MN 55051
      • Pay at the Vasaloppet HDQ office located at 100 Union Street, Mora, MN, 55051
    • Receive confirmation email from Vasaloppet USA that you've been added to SFLP 
    • Each year you’ll receive a promo code specific to you that will permit you to register for Vasaloppet USA weekend ski events online for $0.  This code is valid only for the SFLP participant.  Others in the same registration will pay the then current registration fee. 


  • Terms & conditions
    • SFLP Pass is valid only for the individual designated at time of purchase. Pass is non-transferable under any conditions.  
    • SFLP Pass promo code is to be used only for the designated pass holder. It may not be applied to any other skier.
    • SFLP Pass can not be retroactively applied to races already paid for.  Refunds will not be issued.
    • SFLP Pass is only valid for official Vasaloppet USA ski events held on the second weekend in February each year.  Pass does not apply to any other events, including: Moraloppet, Lantern Loppet, Fat Vasa, Winter Triathlon, or future events not yet announced.
    • SFLP Pass is not tax-deductible as it is not a donation, but a payment for future benefits. 


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