Vasaloppet Sweden, USA, Japan, China


Exchange MedalThe goal of the Vasa Skiing Exchange is to not only promote Vasaloppet skiing, but to promote a better understanding of the different cultures that represent the races.

During each of these Exchange events, which are held every three years, citizen groups from each of the race communities have an opportunity to travel to the host country to get a glimpse of what life is like there.

The other key element of the Exchange is the International Vasa Exchange Ski Conference where officials from each race attend a formal conference to discuss a variety of ski racing issues.

Vasaloppet Sweden­
There is no other cross country ski race like the Swedish Vasaloppet held the first Sunday in March. Its 90 kilometers (56 miles) length is an ultimate challenge for skiers.

Vasaloppet in Sweden offers a week long series of races. Skiers can choose to ski the 30km Kortloppet 9 days before Vasaloppet Sunday. The next day is the 30km Tjejvasan all women’s race.

On Sunday and Monday are the 90km open trak races which are full service, Worldloppet qualifying events. During the remainder of the week there is a 45km race and a 30km skate race.  All the races, except the skate race, are classic only.

The Swedish Vasaloppet and the race in Minnesota share the same city name: Mora.

Vasaloppet Japan
The City of Asahikawa, located on the Island of Hokkaido, is the home to this race, which is held in mid-March.
The course is very hilly, but beautiful, so the 20km and 40km races give skiers a choice of the amount of challenge they want.

The race also offers 10km and 5km events.

Vasaloppet China
Vasaloppet China, is in the city of Changchun in northeastern China and is held in early January.

Against a backdrop of snow sculptures, the race offers 50km and 25km events that traverses the scenic Jingyuetan Park.


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