Double-Loppet, Double Dog, Double Fat Award


Three Ways to Double the Fun on the Trails.

This is an opportunity for you to both challenge yourself, and take advantage of two cross country ski festivals. Ski, skijor, or ride your fat tire in the City of Lakes Loppet, held on the first weekend in February each year, then the ski, skijor or ride your fat tire bike in the Vasaloppet USA events, held on the second weekend of February, and earn your Double Loppet, Double Dog, or Double Fat award.

After you finish your race here in Mora, just go to the Double-Loppet booth in the Celebration Tent and check in with the Kanskulla and she will present to you your beautiful Double Award. 

Double Loppet – Cross Country Skiing

Double Dog – Skijoring

Double Fat – Fat Tire Race or Tour


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