Vasaloppet Winners complete Swedish Vasaloppet

Caitlin Gregg (left) and

Felicia Gesior at the finish line in Mora Sweden

Vasaloppet USA’s 2020 winner Caitlin Gregg and 2019 winner Felicia Gesior complete their first Vasaloppet Sweden 90km race Sunday March 1. Fast, icy conditions on Saturday gave way to a snow covered course Sunday morning as 4-5 inches of snow covered the tracks. Gesior finished in 6:05:47 and Gregg completed the 90km race in 6:13:06. Gregg ran the race without kickwax and double poled the entire distance—something she said was a long term dream. Gesior opted for some kick wax—a decision she said allowed her to pass large numbers of skiers toward the end of the race.

Brian Gregg (left below) also completed the race in a time of 5:20:55 and Kikkan Randall was also at the Swedish race and finished in 5:59:05.

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