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2020 Trail Maps

Our amazing trail team have been working all year long, planning and preparing the trails for the 2020 races. Here is a glimpse of the race trails, starting in downtown Mora, proceeding north up to the Nordic Center Complex where the trail is full of fun hills and curves through the forest and fields, then finishing in downtown Mora. Happy Trails to you all!

The Classic (Classic only) 44 km. Two laps.

Saturday February 8th 10:00 am


The Vasa Freestyle (50 km) Two Laps.

Saturday February 8th 10:15 am


The Dala Freestyle (34 km)

Saturday February 8th 10:15 am


The Bell Ringer Freestyle or The Team Freestyle (13 km). One lap.

Saturday February 8th 12:30 pm


Sunday Classic 20 km

Sunday February 9th 8:30 am


Skijoring 4 km

Sunday February 9th 11:00 am


Skijoring 10 km

Sunday February 9th 11:00 am


Fat Vasa Fat Tire – 30 km two laps; 15 km one lap

Sunday February 9th 11:30 am


Miniloppet 1 km

Sunday February 9th 1:30 pm


Miniloppet 4 km

Sunday February 9th 1:30 pm

Fat Vasa Race Course and Sunday February 9th Race Schedule Changes

Due to unseasonably warm weather and high water, the river crossings for the Fat Vasa bike race are not frozen making it not possible to cross the rivers on the Fat Vasa trail. Therefore, we will hold the Fat Vasa on the groomed trails at the Nordic center.  The course will be one or two loops around a 15 km course and we will start both races together at 11:30 on Lake Mora.  

To accommodate this change, the Sunday race schedule has been slightly changed. Here are the new start times for the Sunday February 9, 2020 races:

8:30 a.m. – Sunday Classic 20 km ski race (no change in start time)

10:00 am – Spark Races (no change)

11:00 a.m. Mora Skijoring (30 minutes earlier)

11:30 a.m. Fat Vasa Fat Tire race 15 km and 30 km (new start times and new course length)

1:30 pm Miniloppet (no change)

We look forward to seeing you here in Mora for Vasaloppet weekend.

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