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Trail Maps for the 2018 race.

Our trail team has configured the maps for all of the races for the 2018 Vasaloppet race. All of the trails are in suburb condition and really fun, with lots of hills and curves. Here is a sky-view look of all of the race trails this year.

The Vasa and The Dala


Here is the course for these two races. The Vasa Freestyle will 

be three laps for a total length of 52 K. The Dala Freestyle will be two laps for a total length of 35 K. On Saturday, February 10, The Vasa will start at 10:15 and The Dala will start at 10:30 am in downtown Mora.


The Classic 

The Classic will be starting in downtown Mora, heading out on the Eastern-most side of the blue line across Lake Mora on the map, then will complete three laps on the yellow line on the map, returning todowntown Mora across the lake on Western-most side of the blue line. The Classic will be a total length of 42 K. On Saturday February 10, The Classic will start at 10:00 am in downtown Mora. 


The Bell Ringer and The Team

These two races will complete one lap on this trail, for a total length of 13 K. On Saturday February 10, both the Bell Ringer and The Team will start at 12:30 pm on Lake Mora.


And if you’re wondering about what the trails look like, just take a look at this. You can also take a look at the trails LIVE 24/17 on our webcam too.


So what are you waiting for? Register online right here right now. It’s that easy. See you on the trails!


The Journey of the Mora Course.

The trail team examines every inch of the Mora Course.

Considering that Mother Nature has been stingy and unreliable with natural snowfall over the past several years, the trail team recognized the need to have a trail system that is not dependent on waiting to see what Ma Nature will do. So the team went to work this summer and meticulously cleared, trimmed, and expanded the network of trails at the Nordic Center.

While we always hope that there will be ample snow to hold the race on the legacy course, the trail team has fulfilled the vision of having an equally fun and challenging course, through the woods with lots of hills and turns, right here in Mora.

With the purchase of snow-making equipment a couple of years ago, and an army of farmer volunteers, the Mora Course is not only a reliable option, it is a superb trail system. Never again, will the Vasaloppet be held on Knife Lake as a back-up plan for low snow years.

Today, the Mora course is a 17km loop, and that loop continues to grow and expand. High five to the trail team who have made this vision a reality.


The 2018 Mora Course

Our Trail Team is Phenomenal.

It takes an army of volunteers, farmers with big equipment, and an extraordinary amount of dedication working day and night to make and spread snow to create such beautiful ski trails for all of us to enjoy. And that is exactly what our trail team has accomplished.
Because of their hard work, we are happy to say that the Mora Course will be an exceptional course for the 2018 Vasaloppet USA ski race. While we continue to hope that there will be enough snow to hold the race on our Legacy Course from Warman to Mora, the long-range forecast doesn’t look favorable. Since Mother Nature is so unreliable, we have expanded and upgraded the Mora Course to a 17 km loop so we know for sure we will have an incredible trail for this year’s race. Here is what we have on the Mora Course:
The Vasa Freestyle – 52 km, 3 laps
The Classic – 42 km 3 laps
The Dala Freestyle – 35 km, 2 laps
The Bell Ringer – 13 km 1 lap
The Team – 13 km 1 lap
Classic tracks have now been added, so the trails are ready for skiers of all styles and capabilities. Watch the skiers enjoy our trails through our webcam at the Nordic Ski Center here in Mora. And you can even watch at night since we have 2 km of lighted trails.
You can register online for all of the Saturday races, and the Sunday Family day events.
Here is a sneak peak at the Mora Course trail we have for the 2018 race

It’s Cyber Monday – Give the Gift of Skiing.

The Holiday season is here, and the ski season will be here soon as well. What better way to celebrate both seasons than to give the gift of skiing, fat bike riding, or skijoring. There are eight different events from which to choose and include options for everyone in the family, including toddlers, dogs, and adults.
Something fun to consider is The Team race – put together a team of five of your friends to ski together on the 13 km trail, and the top four times are combined for the overall team time.
Register online for the 2018 Vasaloppet ski race, or if you prefer to mail in your registration you can download the registrations forms for the ski races and for The Team race.
Happy gift shopping, and as always, HAPPY TRAILS!
Wishing you a very blessed holiday season.
Vasaloppet USA.

Thank you Volunteers!

Vasaloppet race  2017 RESULTS

Every year, the Vasaloppet is only possible because of the incredible efforts of the hundreds of volunteers from the community of Mora. Here are some of the kind words from happy skiers who participated in the race this year. The community of Mora ROCKS!

“The volunteers and the town and trails just make it such a special race. It’s easy to see the town takes pride in it.”

“Thank you for the great race. I haven’t done it for a few years but will make sure I do it every year. A lot of memories from of my dad doing it long ago.”

“It was a pleasure and thrill to ski this year’s Vasaloppet! Many other skiers enjoyed and appreciated it too!”

“Thanks for another race!”

“Thank you for all your efforts. Must have taken every single person that lives in Mora to pull this off!!!”

“Super racing, great race course and most of all, fun!!!”

“I want to give you and all the Vasaloppet folks a big shout out for the great event you put on Sunday under very challenging conditions.”

“The race was great-I heard nothing but positive comments from everyone I talked to.”

“I want to thank you and all your volunteers for a wonderful event.”

“Thank you again for putting on such a well-run event.”

“A big thank you for pulling off the 14k loop. I can’t imagine the man house that were put in to haul that snow. In addition to the overall coverage there were numerous spots on the classic trail where snow was meticulously hand shoveled in the trans to cover some dirty spots. Please relay my thanks to the trail crew.”

“Thanks for putting on a fantastic race. The course was in really good condition considering the lack of snow.”

“Thank you very much for putting on a great race on Saturday. I know that Mother Nature did not cooperate, but you still managed to pull off a very enjoyable race. The course was great and the main street  start and finish was a nice touch.”

“Thank you for the great race and the monumental effort to create a trail for us skiers! The trail was excellent, clean, and challenging!”


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