Our Trail Team is Phenomenal.

It takes an army of volunteers, farmers with big equipment, and an extraordinary amount of dedication working day and night to make and spread snow to create such beautiful ski trails for all of us to enjoy. And that is exactly what our trail team has accomplished.
Because of their hard work, we are happy to say that the Mora Course will be an exceptional course for the 2018 Vasaloppet USA ski race. While we continue to hope that there will be enough snow to hold the race on our Legacy Course from Warman to Mora, the long-range forecast doesn’t look favorable. Since Mother Nature is so unreliable, we have expanded and upgraded the Mora Course to a 17 km loop so we know for sure we will have an incredible trail for this year’s race. Here is what we have on the Mora Course:
The Vasa Freestyle – 52 km, 3 laps
The Classic – 42 km 3 laps
The Dala Freestyle – 35 km, 2 laps
The Bell Ringer – 13 km 1 lap
The Team – 13 km 1 lap
Classic tracks have now been added, so the trails are ready for skiers of all styles and capabilities. Watch the skiers enjoy our trails through our webcam at the Nordic Ski Center here in Mora. And you can even watch at night since we have 2 km of lighted trails.
You can register online for all of the Saturday races, and the Sunday Family day events.
Here is a sneak peak at the Mora Course trail we have for the 2018 race

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